SEUS Reimagined

Staying "Connected" Through Music

Important Files and Updates


SEUS Reimagined: Staying "Connected" Through Music will provide a variety of educational opportunities for all instrumentalists including concerts, rehearsals, and clinics

  • Special guest: The Boston Brass
  • Participation in a Virtual Honor Band world premiere performance of "Portals," composed and conducted by Robert W. Smith, commissioned for SEUS Reimagined.

Registration Note

Registration for our 2021 event has closed.

Schedule of Events*

*times may be adjusted during the school day to accommodate all events. Times listed are Central Time.

Friday, February 5, 2021

8:20 AM

8:30 AM
Boston Brass Concert

9:30 AM
Virtual Honor Band rehearsal 1 - Conducted by Robert W. Smith
Professor Smith will introduce and rehearse “Portals” – commissioned for the 2021 SEUS Virtual Honor Band

10:30 AM
Boston Brass Clinic 1 – “What Every Band Student Needs to Know”
This clinic will focus on the importance on pro-active listening, music fundamentals, motivation and goals

11:20 AM
Troy University Concert Hour! Performances by the Symphony Band, Jazz Band, POPulus, and our high school guest bands: Dutchtown High School Wind Symphony and Central Carroll High Symphonic Band.
Eat lunch, relax and enjoy!

12:30 PM
Virtual Honor Band rehearsal 2 - Conducted by Robert W. Smith

1:30 PM
Boston Brass Clinic 2 - “Rewired: The incredible benefits of getting back to basics”
This clinic will provide rehearsal techniques that are scalable for any age player and ensemble

2:30 PM
Closing Remarks

"Portals" by Robert W.Smith

Commissioned for the 2021 SEUS Virtual Honor Band

January 22, 2021-The following will be available for all *registered particpants and directors:

  • A MIDI recording of "Portals"
  • The conductor's score
  • Invdividual instrument parts

January 27, 2021-The conductor's track will be available for all *registered participants and directors. This track will include composer comments and a video of Professor Smith conducting the selection.

*Band director registration is required (FREE with at least one student registration from the school). With band director registration, your band:

  • will be listed as part of the commission of "Portals," composed by Robert W. Smith for the virtual honor band.
  • will receive the score/parts to "Portals"
  • will receive all student particpant SEUS Reimagined t-shirts and medals for distribution (these items will be delivered to your school and labeled for each student).
  • will receive access to all SEUS Reimagined virtual events on February 5, 2021.

Special note: Entire bands are welcome and encouraged to participate in this VIRTUAL FIELD TRIP event. Opportunities for section break-out sessions or full band viewing/participation/rehearsal in the Virtual Honor Band throughout the school day will be streamed directly to your classroom!

"Portals" Production Timeline

  • February 5, 2021-Rehearsals with Robert W. Smith
  • February 12, 2021-Student/band recordings submission deadline
  • March 5, 2021, 7:00 PM*-World premiere performance of "Portals"

*performance date subject to change dependent upon current COVID protocol

On-Demand Faculty Clinics

The How?, Where?, and Why? of Percussion Accessories

Dr. Adam Blackstock

A clinic on approach to tambourine and triangle performance: How do we play? Where do we play? And, Why do we do it that way? Approximate length: 25 minutes

Vibrato 101 for Saxophonists

Dr. Dave Camwell

This presentation of VIBRATO 101 is aimed to help young saxophonists develop their vibrato. This crucial element of sound is critical to developing sophistication and nuance in all wind musicians, and he will discuss, demonstrate, and provide documents to help your saxophonists. Approximate length: 25 minutes

Oboe Warm-up Routine

Dr. Jillian Camwell

Dr. Jillian Camwell will take oboists through a warm-up routine that covers embouchure flexibility, tone development, tonguing, and technique. Learn how to become efficient in your daily practice sessions. For this class, you'll need a good reed and your oboe, as you'll be playing along with Dr. Camwell! Approximate length: 25 minutes

Better Snare Drumming, an Easy Method

Professor Robert Clayson

This clinic will focus on improving what I believe separate average concert snare drummers from extraordinary concert snare drummers. Intended for both students and band directors, the information shared in this clinic aims to take the guesswork out of being a better snare drummer in the concert band setting and beyond. Approximate length: 25 minutes

Trumpet Repertoire for College and Other Auditions Appropriate to Various Skill Levels

Dr. Michael Huff

What should I play for my audition?  This is one of the most frequently asked questions that I receive.  This clinic will identify mostly readily available public domain/free-use resources that would make excellent choices for college auditions and other evaluations. Approximate length: 25 minutes

Developing and Scheduling a Conditioning Regimen of Fundamentals for Trumpet

Dr. Michael Huff

Most trumpet players agree that practicing the RIGHT kinds of material in the RIGHT kind of way is crucial to developing tone and control that allows us to express musically. This clinic will discuss the types of materials that should be practiced on a regular basis and how to gradually develop better consistency. Approximate length: 25 minutes

Enhancing Clarinet Fundamentals

Dr. Tim Phillips

Understanding clarinet fundamentals is essential to learning how to play the clarinet. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, it’s always good to return to home-base and to be reminded of the best practices regarding breathing, embouchure, oral cavity, hand position, and posture. In this clinic we’ll go over all of these fundamentals, perhaps in ways you haven’t experienced before. Also, I’ll talk about recommended equipment to make your clarinet playing life easier. Approximate length: 25 minutes

Overcoming Your Fear of Heights on the Flute

Dr. Heather Small

This session will address proper fingering of notes in the 3rd octave of the flute as well as methods for improving your tone quality and intonation in the high register. All levels are welcome to attend. Approximate length: 25 minutes

On Time Management

Dr. Jason Sulliman

There is so much to do! We all live busy 21st-century lives and sometimes it is difficult to feel like we are on top of everything. Though it feels like there is never enough time, it is more about how we manage our time that counts. In this presentation, I share practical strategies for using time effectively and mastering our busy schedules. I dive into some research and connect it to some common (and some not-so-common) strategies for maximizing our productivity. This is a two-part clinic with both parts lasting approximately 25 minutes


For more information contact Dr. Carla Gallahan